Is It Love?

Find out if it's really love with the "is it love" quiz.

The Is it Love quiz will let you know if your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend is actually love,or if it's just a fling.

Is It Love? Find out with the short, accurate Is It Love quiz.:

1. Do they say "I Love You"?
a)  All the time.
b)  No, never
c)  Only after I say it first.
d)  Yes, but not to me.

2. Would he or she take a bullet for you?
a)  Yes, in fact they already have.
b)  No way, neither would I.
c)  Probably, but nobody's shooting at me.
d)  Let me get my gun and we'll find out.

3. What best describes their actions:
a)  They've asked me to change something.
b)  They constantly make fun of me.
c)  He/She does whatever I tell them.
d)  I learned their name after we slept together.
e)  These questions are weird, we're normal.

4. Who makes more sacrifices?
a)  I do.
b)  He or she does.
c)  We sacrifice a goat together every weekend.
d)  He/She sacrifices time with their significant other to be with me.
e)  He/She is lucky I spend my time with them.

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